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As a landscape designer Inch has an instinctive understanding of space relations which allow him to play with the body and movement. As your journey through his gardens and landscapes you will be presented with views, scents, colour and sound – a result of detailed and architectural plant selections. Each plant has its purpose. Furthermore, by being responsible to our environments and ecology, Inch selects only sustainable materials and enjoys native selections that reintroduce fauna to once lost habitats.

Since 1995 his reputation has gradually grown for his horticultural knowledge as well as his understanding of cultural art forms. He loves his job and takes great pleasure in building long-term relationships with clients, allowing him to continuously improve the gardens he creates. Currently he is the Landscape advisor for Mandai Park Development Pte Ltd.

20 years design experience, on Landscape design works include work in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Colombo and UK. Landscape work experience includes a variety of jobs as listed; Bear sanctuary, public garden, housing development, resort & hotel, condominiums, reforestation, private gardens, theme park, show garden, roof garden, government related consultancy for shoreline management.